Abstract Acrylic Drip Painting “Watery Dots”

Abstract Acrylic Drip Floral Painting

In my blog posts, I dissect the materials and techniques (or lack thereof) that were used in creating the art you see in my YouTube videos. Some things work. Many things don’t. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

Project Name: Watery Dots (yeah, I know, very creative…).

Let’s jump right into this. I decided to do this painting outside because it was an absolutely beautiful day, so screw it, let’s be adventurous! I discovered that paint dries quicker when outside on a nice day (i.e., no real humidity), which when you think about it is obvious, but it wasn’t something I initially took into consideration.

This was both a good thing and a bad. The good was that my background dried fairly quickly, so it didn’t blend with the brighter colors I added later. The downside is that the other paints dried quicker as well, meaning I had to really water them down with the spray bottle to get them to drip at times. While not awful, it became a bit messier than it should have.

I think my lack of technique is fairly apparent in the video, but I found that less is more when it comes to creating the dots. I wanted them to be thick and be raised from the canvas, but when you go to water them down to drip, the whole blob wants to slide and drip. I guess I thought that the water would run across the paint, pull the color and just drip it down, but no, it makes the whole blob unstable. Again, probably obvious to many, but let’s refer to my site name… So for those dots that ended up running big time and flattening out, I had to go back over them to get the thickness I wanted. No big deal.

One more thing to add that’s not shown in the video: I didn’t like the finished flat look of the water-based acrylic so I added a clear coat over it to give it shine and it turned out ncely. However, it STINKS! The fumes were something else. If you do this too, be sure to do this outside. I ended up needing to leave it outside for a few days as well, until the smell completely dissipated (it was freaking strong), so keep that in mind.

Will this hang in a museum or sell on Etsy? Good gosh no, I probably couldn’t give this away, but I think for my first attempt I didn’t do half bad. What did you think? Do you have suggestions or recommendations that can help with my next attempt? Let me know in the comments below, I’m always open to learning new things.

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  1. Bonnie

    I love this one!


    1. IdiotArtistKelly

      Thank you!


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