An Art Scammer Tried to Trick Me – I’m Legit Now!

An Art Scammer Tried to Trick Me | The Idiot Artist

I am admittedly an odd duck, so it should be no surprise that the things that excite me or make me happy are considered weird to everyone else. This particular thing I’m about to talk about it no different. I had an art scammer try to scam me on The Idiot Artist blog and instead of being mad that someone would try to fool me, I became stupid happy that I was cool enough to qualify for it. Of course, the flip side is that they instead thought I was podunk and too dumb to know what was going on. I choose to believe that they were so impressed with either my own artwork or the content on my site that they felt they just had to get them some of that! That’s what I’m going with, and in that case – I have arrived! All silliness aside, it’s a pretty crappy thing they’re trying to do, so hopefully karma will inflict upon them a severe case of crabs and leave the salt shaker cap unscrewed at the next restaurant table they sit at.

When I initially read the comment from “Mark Thompson” on the B.J. Rathur post, my first thought was that it was fake, but since it was on a post about another artist, I didn’t want to immediately dismiss it in case it meant business for B.J. I reread the comment several times and it never felt right, so I searched for the dude’s name and sure enough, Mark Thompson has tried this bit before. Agora Gallery has a detailed post How To Recognize An Art Scam, and the comments section shows that Mr. Thompson has many aliases, including Thomas Fred, Thomas Jeff, John Peters, and my personal favorite, Dr. John Crankfield. (I just love saying that last name – give it a shot and see if you don’t giggle just a bit or put too  much inflection on “crank.”)

Many thanks to Agora Gallery for their great article, as well as the commenters who shared their own scamming experiences, so that we can all be aware of the jackasses who try to take advantage of hard-working artists.

Agora Gallery Art Scam Infographic | The Idiot Artist
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