Artists: Make Black Friday a Little More Colorful #FloodTheStreetsWithArt

FLOOD the streets with ART part IV

Black Friday earned its moniker because it tends to bring out the worst of and in humanity. I’m all for a good sale, but not at the expense of my sanity, soul and self-respect. A few years ago I happened upon a Facebook Group called FLOOD the streets with ART! The idea was simple, turn Black Friday on its head by making and leaving art for complete strangers. Instead of seeking the perfect shopping score, give someone an unexpected gift of kindness and culture.

In fact, it was this Group and it’s creator, Scott Wong, that inspired me to pick up a paint brush and give art a whirl (so thank him or curse him for that, your call). Last year, I created and left two paintings. This year, I’ve got a boatload I’m taking out! Care to join me and others in this movement to make the world less bland and a little more colorful? Check out all the details on this year’s Facebook Event page FLOOD the streets with ART! part IV. Read the pinned post in the Discussions section as it gives a great overview of the event and suggestions for how you can participate. Post photos of your amazing works to social media and tag them with #FloodTheStreetsWithArt. And be sure to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE this event with artists and others who would love to participate.

I’ll be dropping these out and about, what are you gonna leave behind for others to find?

FLOOD the streets with ART The Idiot Artist FLOOD the streets with ART The Idiot Artist

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