A More Colorful Black Friday: FLOOD the Streets With Art V

Flood the Streets with Art IV | The Idiot Artist

Last year I posted about the amazing art movement called FLOOD the Streets with Art. It’s once again time to heed the call and create art to leave out and about for Black Friday 2017.

I’m still not certain what I’ll be creating. I have so many ideas thanks to the blackhole of time that is Pinterest. For the last two Black Friday’s, I’ve left mixed media or acrylic paintings. I could do that again this year, but I think I’ll go for something a bit different.

Will you be participating? If so, what will you leave behind to make someone’s day? This is for all artists, regardless of style, method or material – the sky is the limit!

To be a part of this year’s event, check out the 2017 Facebook event FLOOD the Streets with Art V.

Join the overall Facebook Group FLOOD the Streets with Art, and get notified of future events and chat with other artists year-round.

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