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In my blog posts, I dissect the materials and techniques (or lack thereof) that were used in creating the art you see in my YouTube videos. Some things work. Many things don’t. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

Project Name: Netting
This project combined a few different techniques I had learned across Pinterest and YouTube: credit card scrape painting, block stamp painting and reclaimed materials. And as you’ll see in my videos, I have a soft spot for stencils (ok, maybe I’m a bit obsessed.)

So let’s go over what I did:

Credit card scrape painting
When I saw this in another YouTube video I couldn’t believe how simplistic yet amazing this was. Very much a “Duh! Why didn’t I think of that!” moment. Just take an old credit card, gift card or one of those promotional fake credit cards you get in junk mail and use the edges to scrape the paint across the canvas. The paint trail you create will be thick or thin depending on the pressure used and also the speed with which you scrape.

I didn’t just use paint with my stencils. I like a raised look and don’t care for flat looking art. I used modeling paste and added in paint until I got the color I wanted and then went to town with the stencils. I had no idea what sort of pattern I would do on the canvas until I got moving. I’m not much for planning.

This is the fun part. The netting I used started off as the bagging material for oranges. Since I’m obsessed with stencils, I’m always on the lookout for materials that have cool patterns that I can potentially use in my art. When I initially swiped the orange bag from the clutches of the garbage can, I figured I could use it to create a netting stencil effect. However, since the material is a type of super thin plastic and has a lot of give, it’s impossible to keep it still and flat, so stenciling with it is practically impossible. So I thought, well heck, I’ll just make it a direct part of the painting. I covered it in green paint and laid it on the canvas and added some paint medium (a lot, actually) to make it adhere to the rest of the painting. Since paint medium isn’t cheap and it required so much, the next time I attempt something like this, I’ll use something cheaper like Mod Podge or perhaps some watered down Elmer’s Glue-All (a friend told me this is the bomb).

Block stamping
I found these really pretty block stamps at Joann Fabrics on clearance and decided “why not” and grabbed a few. I may be referring to them by the wrong name, so let me know if there’s an official crafting term for them. They are the kind that are carved from wood, not the kind with rubber, so for now, block stamps it is. The carving is very shallow, so dipping it into paint won’t work, because then you’d just have paint everywhere and only leave a big blob when stamping. I took a small brush and hand applied the paint to the carved pattern and gently laid it on the canvas for each impression, and repeated this process for each time I stamped.

Jason Momoa Aquaman
Image Source: http://ow.ly/fkwq302jeSA

I had no clue what I was going to paint when I started, just sort of let it happen. It has a very aquatic feel to it, so I’d like to dedicate this to Jason Momoa’s Aquaman.

What are your thoughts? Is there a better way to work with materials like the netting? Recommendations for pastes that have cool effects to them? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, I love learning new things!

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