Mixed Media Abstract Art “Sheet Music”

Mixed Media Abstract Art The Idiot Artist

In my blog posts, I dissect the materials and techniques (or lack thereof) that were used in creating the art you see in my YouTube videos. Some things work. Many things don’t. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

Project Name: Sheet Music

I’m a sucker for pretty and nifty patterns, so when I saw some sheet music themed tissue paper at Michaels, it was all over. I also love weirdly matched colors and concepts, so I figured making the sheet music my background would be a fun idea. Plus, I had recently purchased a sheet music stencil, and I was overly giddy at the idea of using the two together.

I pretty much went in blind other than knowing I’d use the stencil and the tissue. The rest I just rummaged through my materials as I went. While that can sometimes result in amazing works of art, it’s also advisable to think things through at least a little. A prime example of this is trying to use spray inks with stencils. In this video, you’ll see that combo didn’t quite work out. The key points:

  • Inks are runny. Unlike thicker acrylic paints that stay pretty much where you put them, inks can run across, over and underneath anything around them, they have a mind of their own.
  • Stencils don’t always work with inks. While it is possible to use inks with a stencil, more often than not it won’t be a crisp outline, because of the runniness mentioned above.
  • You can use inks with stencils, but I found that the more detailed the pattern in the stencil, the less likely an ink will work. You can try to spray from a little further back, as this makes the ink less concentrated in one spot and therefor less runny, but then the color isn’t as bold, plus you risk spraying outside the stencil area.

If you’re wondering about the coffee filter at the beginning, I wanted to see if spraying on that would force a sunburst effect, given the ridges and shape of the paper. It did to some degree, but not to the extent I wanted. Though it didn’t turn out the way I originally hoped, I like the weird effect it did create, and by patting the excess ink across other parts of the canvas, carried the effect throughout the piece.

It’s a busy piece for sure, with random themes running through it, but again, I like odd and eclectic, so this was fun and it makes my eyes happy! What did you think? Do you have suggestions or recommendations that can help with my next attempt? Let me know in the comments below, I’m always open to learning new things.

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