Stencil All The Things: Art From The Mini-Idiot

Stencil Art Painting with Kids The Idiot Artist

In my blog posts, I dissect the materials and techniques (or lack thereof) that were used in creating the art you see in my YouTube videos. Some things work. Many things don’t. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

Project Name: All The Stencils

My daughter, like many young kids these days, is a bit obsessed with YouTube videos. If she’s not watching Teen Titans Go! (which is a freaking witty show that I enjoy, too), she’s likely glued to her iPad watching gameplay videos from her favorite channels. So when I told her I was starting my own YouTube channel around painting, she flipped her lid and informed me in no uncertain terms that she would be doing a video with me. Since we paint together all the time anyhow and I wished to avoid a meltdown, how could I say no!

I let her dictate the artistic direction of the piece, i.e., she bossed me around and told me which colors and stencils to use, where to put the stencils, how much paint to use, and when to leave her alone to do her thing. She’s assertive like her mother. What you see in the video is a creative little girl having a great time trying out techniques she’s seen me experiment with including acrylic paint, pigment sticks and stencils, lots and lots of stencils.

Some things she learned, though will continue to ignore because, well, 6 year old impatience and attention span, duh:

  • Placing stencils on wet paint creates outlines of the overall stencil border (she totally didn’t care)
  • Too much paint on detailed stencils leads to smudgy non-detailed stenciled art (she totally didn’t care)
  • Pigment sticks don’t work well on top of wet paint (still totally didn’t care)

Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention to the battery life on the camera when I set everything up and right before she was finished, the camera died. Luckily we caught about 99% of the process, so nothing major was missed, and we have a summary photo of the art so you can see her masterpiece in all its glory. My baby is very proud of her painting and I’m very proud of her! So sit back and enjoy the Mini-Idiot’s latest creation “All The Stencils.”

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